The Best Night of Sarah Mlynowski’s (Pathetic) Life

By Tara / August, 9, 2012

Those of you who know me well will know that I occasionally fall head over heels in love with things that come out of Canada. There was that Sloan obsession of mine many of you will recall. And, more recently, a passion for the Netflix streamable Canadian crime drama Intelligence. But my favorite Canadian export is, hands down, Sarah Mlynowski. She is a force of nature. So many books! So little time! I seriously don’t know how she does it and I think of myself as pret-ty prolific.

Sarah’s books are FUNNY. I am totally not surprised that her new middle-grade “Whatever After” series is taking off like a rocket, and both Gimme a Call and Ten Things We Did (That We Probably Shouldn’t Have) are laugh out loud hilarious. Sarah has this way of building and building the jokes until you’re just about ready to burst. She also talks really really fast, which—come to think of it—is actually a great trait to have in a teammate on a scav hunt. Let’s see how Sarah does in the Best Night inspired Q&A at at-home scav hunt:

TA: Have you ever…trespassed?

SM: Yes. There was a golf course behind the house I grew up in and my friends
and I used to sneak out there at night.

TA: I did not grow up near a golf course and am starting to feel like I lost out! …skinny dipped? If so, where (lake, pool, ocean, swamp) and with whom?

SM: Also yes. When I was 18 and backpacking in Europe. It was Bastille Day and we were visiting the French Riviera. I went in with the other girls I was traveling with. Then some drunk guy tried to swim after us so we bolted.
TA: Vive La France! And also: gross!….stolen (or “borrowed) something? What was it?

SM: I used to borrow from my little sister’s piggy bank. Sometimes I would trade two pennies for a twenty. (Look how pretty the pennies are!)

TA: Deviousness is another good trait for scav hunters! …kept a secret from your best friend? Explain yourself!

SM: Yes, but since I never told her, I certainly can’t write about it on the net!

TA: True that! Do you know what an isocahedron is without Googling? If not, give us your best guess.

SM: Clearly it’s a type of tool used to put together doll furniture.

TA: You are correct! (Actually, er, well, you’re not. You could not be more wrong, I don’t think.) How many of the following items from the scav hunt list in The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life could you scare up in your own home?

A snow globe? Yup. (TA: 20 points!
An American flag? Nope. Any points for a Canadian flag? (TA: Uh, no.)
A music box? If so, what song does it play? Nope. (TA: You’re missing out on 40!)
A ticket stub from a Twilight series movie? Nope. 75 (TA: Really? This surprises me!)
A wedding invitation? Yup. (TA: That’s gonna bring you up to 100)
A plant that falls into the category of “succulent”? Nope.
An unopened box of Kleenex? Yup. (TA: You’re at 120!)
A red and black screwdriver? Yup. (TA: 170)
A Bundt pan? Nope.
A stretched penny? Nope.
A divided dinner plate? Yup. (TA: 180!)

An unopened cable bill? Yup. (TA: That’s another 50!)
A brick? Nope.
An orchid? Nope.

TA: So you’re at 230. It’s our first-ever tie! You’re in third place along with the fabulous Arlaina Tibensky! Very exciting stuff! That’s like a scav hunt bronze medal! One that you have to share! Before you go, how many goldfish have you loved and lost in your life?

SM: Two goldfish. Three beta fish in the last year. (I might be a serial killer.)

TA: Nah. You are too cute to be a serial killer. And lastly, tell us about one of the best nights of your (pathetic) life:

SM: I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of best nights, but here’s one from high school: In tenth grade, my parents went away for the weekend and about ten people stayed over–including my crush. Nothing “happened” but I remember all us staying up all night watching old movies and making English muffin pizzas. And I never got caught.

TA: Until now!!! Mwaahahahaha! I shall now commence blackmailing you. Thanks for hunting, Sarah!