The Best Night of Siobhan Vivian’s (Pathetic) Life

By Tara / August, 31, 2012

Siobhan Vivian and I met a few years ago and became friends instantly. Soon after, she left NYC for Pittsburgh (sadness) but she has since become my sometimes critique partner (I read The List way before any of you did!) and go-to girl for angsty phonecalls about the book biz. I love her books because they are just like she is: full of fun, a little bit edgy, a little bit weird, and packed full of good ideas about life as a girl. I absolutely can’t wait to read her upcoming collaboration with Jenny Han, Burn for Burn.

If Siobhan and I had gone to high school together, we’d have been besties for sure. So I’m pretty sure we’d have ended up on a scav hunt team together. She’s our last competitor in the BEST NIGHT-inspired YA author scav hunt and she’ll have to do pretty well to knock Melissa Walker out of the top spot. Here goes nothing!

TA: Have you ever…trespassed?

SV: Who hasn’t?!? : D

TA: …skinny dipped? If so, where (lake, pool, ocean, swamp) and with whom?

SV: I’d be too afraid to skinny dip in a lake, but I did do it once in Puerto Rick with my ex-boyfriend. The water was crystal clear.

TA: I was going to correct that typo but it’s just too funny. Was this ex-boyfriend’s name, by chance, Rick? Cause that would be AWESOME. …stolen (or “borrowed) something? What was it?

SV: I was a bit of a sticky-fingered girl in high school. I used to steal cigarettes from my first job at a pharmacy…among lots of other things.

TA: You’re such a badass! …kept a secret from your best friend? Explain yourself!

SV: I barely kept the secret that I hated by best friend’s boyfriend. He sucked.

TA: Some secrets aren’t meant to be kept! Do you know what an isocahedron is without Googling? If not, give us your best guess.

SV: I’ll go with some kind of dinosaur!

TA: You are spectacularly wrong. How many of the following items from the scav hunt list in The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life could you scare up in your own home?

A snow globe? Nope  (TA: You are the only YA author who hunted without one, I think! What’s up with that?)

An American flag? A teensy one I got at a parade! (TA: 25 teensy points)

A music box? If so, what song does it play? It’s a Madeline jewelry box that plays a French song. (TA: You should get extra points for cuteness but for now: 40)

A ticket stub from a Twilight series movie? Nope. (TA: 75 down the drain)

A wedding invitation? Yes! My own! (TA: Of course! 80!)

A plant that falls into the category of “succulent”? I’ve got like 5 of these. (TA: And yet you only get points for one: 50)

An unopened box of Kleenex? Yup! (TA: 20)

A red and black screwdriver? Maybe? I’d have to ask Nick. (TA: Tempted to actually deduct 50 for girlie girl lameness. And you call yourself a feminist?)

A Bundt pan? Yup! And it’s a fancy one! (TA: See above. But, well, 30)

A stretched penny? Nope. (TA: Out 50)

A divided dinner plate? Nope (TA: 10 more, poof!)

An unopened cable bill? Nope (TA: not looking good, that would have been 50)

A brick? Yup  (TA: I fear it’s too little too late but: 5)

An orchid? Does it have to be in bloom? If not, then yes! (TA: Nope, so: 20!)

TA: Well, my dear, that gives you an entirely unimpressive 270 points, which puts you solidly in fourth place. Double special points for Madeline wouldn’t even help you! So our scav hunt gold goes to Melissa Walker, silver to Beth Kephart and bronze to Lauren Myracle. Thank you all for hunting!!!

Before you go, Siobhan, how many goldfish have you loved and lost in your life?

SV: Maybe five? I used to win them at my grade school fair. They’d die and I’d bury them in the backyard and then dig them up a few months later to see their skeleton. (weird, right?)

TA: Yes, weird. I am sorry I asked! And lastly, tell us about one of the best nights of your (pathetic) life:

SV: I’m going with the first night I spent in California, camping on the beach in Malibu with my new roommates, watching dolphins jump out of the water, and hooking up with a suuuuper hot guy who lived in our apartment complex. California, it’s the place dreams are made of!

TA: Dolphins! I love me some dolphins. Thanks for sharing, Siobhan!