I’m Boston bound!

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Come see me at the Boston Teen Author Festival, Saturday September 23rd! http://bostonteenauthorfestival.com

The Boldly Bookish Tour!

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I’m touring with Tiffany Schmidt and Jen Lynn Barnes! June 7-12!

Diorama Challenge

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Did you follow the Diorama Challenge? I asked authors to make dioramas inspired by their books to celebrate the publication of My Life in Dioramas. Check it out! http://www.taraaltebrando.com/my-life-in-dioramas/the-diorama-challenge/

New YA for 2017

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It’s official. I’m working on another YA novel for Bloomsbury. Right now it’s called CRYSTAL and it involves a poltergeist and a podcast and that’s all I’m saying for now. La-di-da.

ROOMIES paperback!

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ROOMIES, the YA novel I coauthored with my pal Sara Zarr, is coming out in paperback in June! Be on the lookout!

Order AUTOGRAPHED books!

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Hi there. Through a special arrangement with the lovely new Astoria Bookshop, you can now order signed copies of my books! Just order through their website (or in the shop) then write in the comments you want my John Hancock and I’ll amble over there and sign it for you. I’ll also send you some…

The Best Night of Siobhan Vivian’s (Pathetic) Life

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Siobhan Vivian and I met a few years ago and became friends instantly. Soon after, she left NYC for Pittsburgh (sadness) but she has since become my sometimes critique partner (I read The List way before any of you did!) and go-to girl for angsty phonecalls about the book biz. I love her books because…

The Best Night of David Levithan’s (Pathetic) Life

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I have it on good authority that David Levithan never sleeps. Okay, maybe not “good” authority, but I’ve gone over it and over it in my head and it’s the only thing that makes sense. How else could David be such an incredible editor, prolific author–both on his own and as collaborator with the likes…

The Best Night of Melissa Walker’s (Pathetic) Life

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Melissa Walker is one of those women who makes me believe that you really can have it all! A great career. Great style. And a totally adorable family. How she manages to do all of her magazine writing and blogging and webby things while also turning out books of such a high quality as Unbreak…

The Best Night of Beth Kephart’s (Pathetic) Life

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Have you read Beth Kephart? And if not, why not? And have you seen all the amazing praise she’s been getting in recent weeks for new newest (13th!) book, Small Damages? If not, you need to wake up and smell the coffee, people! Beth is one of those writers who makes me try harder to…