eBook repackages

My first two YA novels recently went “out of print,” so I’ve brought them back to life with great new covers and a special price of $4.99 for Kindle and Nook.

Click here to read more about The Pursuit of Happiness, or just buy it now:

The Pursuit of Happiness: Kindle
The Pursuit of Happiness: Nook

Read more about my second YA novel, What Happens Here, here or click below to buy:

What Happens Here: Kindle
What Happens Here: Nook

I hope you’ll pick up one or both books and spread the word. If you need more info please go to the following link : http://www.omegaprint.com.au/carbonless-books.html

When first released, these ebooks raised $300 in royalties that were donated to Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts. Thanks everybody who bought the books during the donation drive!