The Leaving


Here is a short teaser/trailer made by Teeny Tiny Filmworks with music by Wildlife Control.

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“You will not sleep, check your phone or even breathe once you begin reading The Leaving. Altebrando hides a meditation on memory and identity inside a top-speed page-turner. I promise, you will not even look up from the page. ”

— E. Lockhart, New York Times bestselling author of We Were Liars

“Tara Altebrando’s The Leaving isn’t one of those books that creeps up on you: instead, it throws you in the back of an unmarked van and speeds off before you even have time to wonder what’s going on. This book gripped me on the first page, and by the last, had really moved me. It’s a twisty, oh no she didn’t thriller that keeps the surprises firing, but also a thoughtful meditation on what really makes us who we are.”

—Bennett Madison, author of September Girls